Supercharging Growth for Your B2B Enterprise

The inbound marketing mode of B2B operations calls for organizations to achieve a streamlined pipeline in order to take qualified leads from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle in record time. A quality CRM is the best growth tool in your arsenal as a B2B organization. As you bring a new CRM platform on board, you can shed light on areas of improvement and work towards the common goal of long-term growth across all departments.

Welcome back to our series exploring the strategic value a world-class CRM can bring to your business. In this article, we’ll focus on the best partnership you can build within your organization to supercharge growth and how to use B2B’s most reliable CRM platform to accomplish your collaborative goals.

The #1 CRM for B2B Businesses

From data management needs to automation implementation, there are many reasons for B2B companies to seek out a quality CRM. With a proven ability to accomplish any team’s aspiration, HubSpot has risen in the ranks and become the most recommended CRM platform for B2B businesses. This was made possible through a few key qualities built into the HubSpot program:

  • Targeted design philosophy: From its creation, HubSpot was designated as a tool uniquely positioned to specifically benefit the B2B sector. Its automation capabilities allow team members to present information and resources to future clients within an accelerated time frame to match the current pace of the expected sales cycle.

  • Short learning curve: One of the most frequent comparisons made between HubSpot and other popular CRM platforms is the difference in the time it takes to get on board. HubSpot is built to be simple for sales teams to learn and navigate on a daily basis, so there are no roadblocks to success.

  • One platform, endless use cases: The capabilities of the HubSpot database move far beyond deal close, with five different Hubs — Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub. Together, these premier toolkit products give both prospects and clients everything they need to experience exponential growth.

Position Sales and Marketing Teams for Success — Together

By building out such a streamlined, easy-to-learn, and adaptable resource, HubSpot’s developers answered one of the most pressing needs many B2B companies fail to recognize: the internal collaboration between teams that directly impacts their bottom line.

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The Importance of Team Alignment

While the process of turning a prospect into a new client may be detailed, a strong foundation of collaboration will make securing each step in the journey easier.

“It’s been proven time and time again that in B2B, a strong alignment between an organization’s sales and marketing teams will take them to the next level of growth in both areas,” says Doug Wendt, Chief Growth Officer and Co-founder of Wendt Partners. “And the best way to facilitate collaboration between the two most revenue-based departments is to manage them both within the same software platform.”

“Smarketing:” B2B Growth’s Secret Weapon

Organizations that establish specific connections between sales and marketing teams have achieved higher annual revenue growth — a principle widely known by B2B experts as “smarketing.”

Marketing teams use their training to find the most qualified leads for sales teams, and sales success enables better marketing research. This combined data is the key to securing new clients each sales cycle and providing them with the consistent value that increases your organization’s bottom line.

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Measurable Results with HubSpot’s United CRM

Like the range of experts within your organization, the different HubSpot Hubs function best when they work in tandem. The industry-leading benefits of HubSpot’s robust platform function to bring your sales and marketing teams together.

The team at Wendt Partners has seen countless examples of this collaboration in action. With HubSpot Campaigns, clients can track and monitor their progress on each asset in their database. By connecting each step taken in a deal with a dollar amount value, Campaigns conducted by the marketing team report back to the sales team about attribution for revenue throughout their processes. One Wendt Partners client was able to change their target market and expand their business by making decisions based on the data they collected from both the sales and marketing teams in this way. This is just one of many examples of ways that Marketing Hub and Sales Hub work together to cultivate success.

Supercharge Your CRM Strategy with an Elite Partner

HubSpot’s robust platform has rightfully garnered much acclaim in the B2B world. The value that each HubSpot implementation holds has inspired many future-facing organizations to become HubSpot Solutions Partners — but few rise in the ranks to Elite partner status.

Wendt Partners proudly recognizes itself as one of a handful of Elite HubSpot Solutions Partners in the world. Our client base of game-changing technical, industrial, and professional services enterprises has the advantage of working with a team that can solve any sales or marketing challenge and get them fully versed in all five HubSpot Hubs in record time.

Schedule a discovery call with Wendt Partners today to get answers to your most pressing sales, marketing, and CRM questions and to sign up for a free demo of our services. Keep an eye out for the next article in this series, where we’ll guide your organization in choosing the right partner for your complete CRM implementation.

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