The Top 25 Business Growth Blogs and Resources for B2B CEOs

Through my experience working with executives, I have learned that it is essential for CEOs to have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with peers and thought leaders. Leadership can be inherently lonely at the top. Rapidly evolving technology, however, is changing the way we do business by providing executives with platforms to engage one another as thought leaders around key issues. This new business landscape empowers CEOs with the information and resources necessary to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

As business consultants for growth-driven companies, we have compiled a list of the top 25 business growth blogs and resources for B2B CEOs, presented below in alphabetical order. All of the resources listed share these common features:

  1. People with expertise (executives, business owners, consultants, academics) who offer commentary on current business issues.
  2. Readers are invited to seek advice, post questions, share their own commentary and/or contribute to the discussion.
  3. Easy access to important highlights on key issues and topics.
  4. Practical, tested ideas and commentary.

Below are the top 25 business growth blogs and resources we recommend for CEOs:

#1. OPEN Forum

American Express OPEN Forum provides a platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to discuss business insights, share experience and seek advice. Discussions are tagged into five key areas: customers, leadership, marketing, money and technology. Got a busy schedule? No worries! As part of their weekly review, the Forum’s editors highlight hot topics and advice from contributors.

Twitter handle: @OPENForum

#2. BusinessWeek Management Blog

Bloomberg Business Week: The Management Blog hosts leading business thought leader perspectives on current management trends and hot topics. Articles are ranked based on most recently read, shared or discussed by the blog's readership.

Twitter handle: @BW

#3. Bloomberg Now

Bloomberg Now hosts an overview of the extensive Bloomberg business information network. The site details everything from leadership bios and press releases to staff blogs on current trends. Need a Bloomberg expert? Bloomberg Now offers a directory of Bloomberg experts who specialize in consumer services, and legal, energy, finance, food and beverage, health and real estate advice.

Twitter handle: @BloombergNow

#4. Corporate Executive Board Blog

The Corporate Executive Board Blog is the company’s official platform to share their expertise and insights into business performance. The blog is categorized by department (i.e. Sales & Service, Finance, Marketing and Communication, HR, IT) with staff members posting articles and directly engaging with readers.

Twitter handle: @CEB_News

#5. ExploreB2B

ExploreB2B is a platform focused on improving B2B communication internationally by providing content for business people to engage one another.

Twitter handle: @ExploreB2B  

#6. Forbes is the popular bi-weekly business magazine’s online home, offering a collection of articles, interviews and videos on current topics relating to finance, industry, investing, and marketing. 

Twitter handle: @Forbes

#7. Gary Hamel's Management 2.0

Gary Hamel’s Management 2.0, a Wall Street Journal-based blog, explores innovative trends in management.

Twitter handle: @WSJManagement 

#8. Harvard Business Review Blog Network

Harvard Business Review Blog Network is HBR's free online resource for current topics relevant to the leadership and management community.

Twitter handle: @HarvardBiz

#9. is the online home to the popular monthly magazine focused on growing companies. In addition to publishing an annual list of the 500 top-performing private companies, their website provides current insights and resources for entrepreneurs to start, grow, lead and innovate around their business.

Twitter handle: @Inc

#10. Innovation Excellence 

Innovation Excellence is a popular blog with regular contributions from a broad spectrum including thought leaders, practitioners and academics. Users can make their own contributions to enterprise innovation through the “submit a post” feature.

Twitter handle: @IXchat

#11. LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a tool to help business leaders prioritize information of interest. The “Follow Channels” tool enables you to filter articles from both influencers and top news sources. Not all social networks are equal. LinkedIn is the premier network for a B2B audience. Beyond networking and accessing relevant information, business owners should consider increasing their presence by becoming influencers themselves. 

Twitter handle: @LinkedInPulse 

#12. Manufacturing Innovation

Manufacturing Innovation is a blog hosted by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). The conversation and resources focus on manufacturers interested in discussing new strategies emerging in the manufacturing industry.

Twitter handle: @NIST_MEP

#13. Middle Market Executive

Middle Market Executive is a platform that helps middle-market business leaders improve their effectiveness by connecting with other business leaders on common issues related to economic growth across the nation. An added advantage of this platform is a built-in feature to focus on a specific region or area of the country. 

Twitter handle: @MidMktExec

#14. The Management Innovation eXchange Blog

The MIX, Management Innovation eXchange, blog is a platform for business thinkers to share ideas, discuss innovative practices and document progress toward “reinventing management for the 21st century.”

Twitter handle: @hackmanagement

#15. National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

NFIB's business resources section covers topics to support small-business owners in operating and growing their business.

Twitter handle: @NFIB  

#16. President and CEO Magazine 

President and CEO Magazine focuses on providing middle-market C-level executives with content covering leadership, growth, technology, personal wealth management, finance and operations.

Twitter handle: @PCEOMag

#17. Shopfloor

Shopfloor, a blog hosted by the National Association of Manufacturers, focuses on topics related to energy and labor policy, legal reform, trade and regulation.

Twitter handle: @ShopFloorNAM

#18. SmartCEO Magazine

SmartCEO Magazine is an online portal for growth-driven executives in the Northeast Corridor region specifically covering the cities of Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. Highlights include interviews, shared perspectives and preferred practices from accomplished CEOs. 

Twitter handle: @SmartCEO

#19. Strategy & Business

Strategy & Business, the management publication of Strategy& (the former Booz & Co., now part of the PwC network), hosts contributions from executives and business journalists on topics relating to business trends, strategy, and organizational leadership. Articles aim to highlight issues that business decision makers may face and help them act more efficiently.

Twitter handle: @stratandbiz

#20. Street Smarts

Street Smarts hosted by Norm Brodsky. It is anchored in his entrepreneurial journey in founding and growing six companies. Norm covers current business issues from the entrepreneur's perspective.

Twitter handle: @NormBrodskygary

#21. The New York Times: You're the Boss

The New York Times: You're the Boss offers small business owners a peer-to-peer platform to post questions and share advice, contribute perspectives on news events, keep tabs on policy issues and highlight investment opportunities. The Dashboard feature provides a daily rundown of small business developments. 

Twitter handle: @NYTSmallBiz

#22. Vistage: Executive Street Blog

Vistage: Executive Street Blog presents relevant articles and opinion pieces on current business topics from the perspective of the world’s best business thought leaders. In addition to advice on key areas of business, Vistage provides an extensive collection of business owner resources and a network where participants can seek advice from accomplished entrepreneurs.

Twitter handle: @Vistage

#23. Wells Fargo Works

Wells Fargo Works is an online resource for small business owners interesting starting, managing, and growing their businesses. They provide a broad spectrum of services and products to support business executives to achieve their goals.

Twitter handle: @WellsFargo

#24. Washington Post: Capital Business

Washington Post: Capital Business is an online resource guide for executives operating businesses in the Washington area. They publish a weekly online magazine that is also available in print.

Twitter handle: @CapitalBiz

#25. Washington Business Journal 

Washington Business Journal provides widespread coverage of Washington’s local business climate. Coverage includes reports on current business events, opinion columns, and industry specific news. The Journal offers a unique opportunity for business owners to remain informed.

Twitter handle: @WashBizOnline

These top 25 business growth blogs and resources can be powerful tools to grow your business. It’s important to set them up in a manner that works for you. Here are three ideas to get started:

1) Bookmark websites in your internet browser starting with the Wendt Partner's blogroll for quick reference to the list above.

2) Track multiple twitter feeds using Tweetdeck 

3) Signup to receive daily or weekly updates from your favorite sites   

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