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Below are our upcoming event topics, all related to HubSpot, B2B sales, and marketing automation success. 

Crafting Success: Selecting the Right Customer Platform for Manufacturers

WCP - Web Event Email Header - June 2024 (1)

Wendt Partners, in special partnership with HubSpot, invites you to a pivotal webinar on June 26th. Learn from the experts at DealHub about tackling industry challenges with innovative solutions.


  On-Demand Web Events

   Did you miss one of our live web events? We have you covered. Below is a collection of recorded events you can watch anytime.

Web Event Page Banner - Web Event 16  - Driving Growth in Industrial and Manufacturing Companies with HubSpot CRM - May 30, 2024

Driving Growth in Industrial and Manufacturing Companies with HubSpot CRM

Topics include:

  • How HubSpot's robust CRM boosts industrial enterprises
  • How HubSpot excels for technical sales teams
  • Integrating sales, marketing, and service for revenue growth
  • How HubSpot scales with teams and integrates with ERPs
Web event Page - Web Event 15 - Integrating HubSpot CRM Into Your Enterprise Tech Stack - April 25, 2024

Integrating HubSpot CRM Into Your Enterprise Tech Stack

Topics include:

  • How HubSpot’s world-class API library supports powerful integrations
  • The six different types of integration models and their advantages
  • What factors are essential to proper integration planning
  • Where an enterprise architecture model can set the stage for success


WCP Web Event - March 2024

Optimizing Sales and Marketing by Maximizing HubSpot Effectiveness

Topics include:

  • How you can optimize your HubSpot portal for your growing needs
  • Where a progress assessment can help you benchmark and plan
  • What best practices are most applicable to sales and marketing effectiveness
  • How the right strategy can supercharge your success in growing with HubSpot


Web Event Feb 22nd 2024

Building Your RevOps Tech Stack with the Power of the HubSpot Ecosystem

Topics include:

  • HubSpot's integrated functionality across its six hubs
  • HubSpot Ecosystem benefits for RevOps teams
  • Strategies for selecting the right tools
  • HubSpot Certified App™ partners' advantages
  • Redefining tech stacks with solutions like DealHub CPQ and HubLMS
Web Event Jan 25, 2024

Customizing, Integrating, and Scaling HubSpot CRM In Your B2B Enterprise

Topics include:

  • How HubSpot CRM is designed to be scalable and customizable
  • What methods can create powerful and seamless ERP integrations
  • Where custom UX development can reshape how your team uses CRM
  • What HubSpot Custom Objects and Operations Hub bring to your team
  • How HubSpot has created the industry’s most scalable enterprise CRM


WCP - Past Web Event - November 2023

How DealHub Brings World-Class CPQ to HubSpot CRM and B2B Sales Teams


Topics include:

  • Playbook-driven CPQ for rapid, accurate deal quoting.
  • Essential features in a user-friendly CPQ solution.
  • DealHub: Enhancing customer experience for a seamless sales motion.
  • Wendt Partners' growth driven by DealHub and HubSpot synergy.
WCP - Past Web event - Oct 2023

Supercharging B2B Growth with Integrated Strategies and HubSpot Solutions

Topics include:

  • B2B growth strategies integration.
  • Wendt Partners' B2B Growth Stack overcoming barriers.
  • HubSpot: Finding new revenue with ease.
  • Unleashing the power of a crafted sales operations model.
  • Sales consulting, training, and coaching for best practices.


WCP - Past Web Event - September 28 2023

Leveraging HubSpot’s Newest Features to Drive B2B Sales Growth

Topics include:

  • Boost Sales with HubSpot Tools
  • Unify Marketing, Sales, and Service 
  • Customize CRM with HubSpot's Dev Tools
  • Enhance CRM with HubSpot's feautures
WCP -  Past Web Event - August 24 2023

How AI Fuels Sales Success with HubSpot, Grain and Supered

Topics include:

  • HubSpot's AI capabilities
  • ChatSpot and Content Assistant
  • Grain's AI empowerment for HubSpot meetings
  • User enablement with Supered


WCP - Past Web Event - July 27 2023

Achieving Mobile Selling and Power Calling Success with HubSpot and Kixie

Topics include:

  • HubSpot's mobile app
  • The power of HubSpot Calling
  • Call Analytics and Coaching Playlists
  • Kixie for HubSpot

WCP - Past Web Event - June 29 2023 (1)

Generating Leads & Closing Sales with HubSpot and KnowledgeNet.Ai

Topics include:

  • HubSpot's new Prospecting tool
  • Connecting LinkedIn & HubSpot
  • Lead Gen with KnowledgeNet.Ai
  • Key strategies to find your next B2B customer
WCP - Past Web Event - May 18 2023 (1)

Why HubSpot is the Best Sales Acceleration Solution for Salesforce Customers

Topics include:

  • HubSpot design features
  • Native HubSpot properties
  • HubSpot’s advanced reporting
  • The HubSpot Ecosystem
WCP - Past Web Event - March 23 2023 (1)

Ten Enterprise Advantages of HubSpot CRM

Topics include:

  • Sales Acceleration
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Generation
  • Engagement Tracking
WCP - Past Web Event - Feb 28 2023 (1)

Why HubSpot is the Best Marketing Solution for Salesforce Customers

Topics include:

  • The capabilities of HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • How HubSpot can scale for your enterprise
  • HubSpot vs. Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud
  • The power of HubSpot + Salesforce
WCP - Past Web Event - Nov 22 2022

Making the Move: The Journey from Salesforce to HubSpot

Topics include:

  • Inova Payroll's history with Salesforce
  • The decision to migrate to HubSpot
  • The discovered long-term advantages of using HubSpot
  • The future of Inova Payroll's HubSpot partnership
WCP - Past Web Event - Oct 25 2022

Bringing Sales Process and CRM Technology Together to Drive Deal Flow

Topics include:

  • Better qualifying opportunities
  • Improving sales process clarity
  • Stronger forecasting
  • Sales velocity
Copy of WCP - Past Web Event - Sept 22 2022

Advancing CPQ with HubSpot & DealHub

Topics include:

  • Question-based configuration
  • Buyer enablement during the closing stage of the sales cycle
  • Online deal collaboration
  • Automatic selection and inclusion of terms and conditions
WCP - Past Web Event - Aug 25 2022

Automating Your Business Processes with HubSpot

Topics include:

  • Automate your sales pipeline
  • Customize your CRM
  • Manage your business processes
  • Track the delivery of services

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