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Learn about our vision.

We care deeply about the clients we serve and the communities we call home. That's why our team is committed to a vision for the future that involves making a true impact where we can. 

Our vision extends to these organizations:


Wendt Partners is committed to helping CEOs create sustainable growth in their companies through our B2B Growth Stack model.

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The B2B Growth Forum seeks to convene and connect CEOs and advisors who focus on achieving and sustaining growth.

Cardinal Cancer Foundation

The Cardinal Cancer Foundation empowers women to put their health first with a focus on ovarian cancer awareness.

John Brannelly Clearity Foundation

We are honored to partner with Cardinal Cancer Foundation toward our shared mission in support of women on the ovarian cancer journey.

— John Brannelly, Clearity Foundation

A medical practitioner having a discussion with a patient on a graphic found on the home page of the Cardinal Cancer Foundation

Learn about ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is known as the 'silent killer' of women because its symptoms mimic common discomforts and conditions that are easy to ignore. Although it is not nearly as common as breast cancer, it takes as many women's lives because it is so much more lethal. We are working hard to change these odds.

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