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Zero in on your best-fit market opportunities.

Growth-stage B2B companies are often tempted to try and be 'all things to all people' in the markets they serve.

Even if your products or services have wide application, the fact is that your customers want and desire a tailored solution.

Zeroing in on the voice of your customer in each target market is the key to successful market focus.

Transform your business into one that is laser-focused on the customer:


Determine which markets you can serve and their future growth potential.


Consider market forecasts and emerging trends for each sector.


Evaluate each market segment in terms of your strengths and weakness.


Perform on-the-ground research with actual customers and prospects.


Shape and execute a growth plan that is laser-focused on these market segments.

The evidence is in: companies who sharpen their market focus consistently outperform their peers over time, for the simple reason that their customers learn they can trust them.

— Bain & Company

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Find your focus.

Let your best-fit target prospects know that your business is the absolute leader in meeting their unique needs. Our B2B Growth Stack makes it possible.

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— Rudy Burwell, President of Encompass Supply

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