B2B Growth Resources


Use this resource library to learn more about how Wendt Partners helps CEOs build a better business.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help grow your B2B business!

Agile Core Infographic

Our proven process sets the foundation for successful and sustainable growth.  Learn about the dynamic and ongoing content in a series of agile sprints as the heart of your growth program in this infographic.

Capabilities Brochure

In this brochure, learn about Wendt Partners' B2B focus, our B2B Growth Stack Model™, our B2B Growth Team, and the phases we take for your company growth!

Packages and Pricing

We offer four distinct options for initiating your growth process, all led by our virtual Chief Growth Officers on this packages and pricing datasheet.

B2B Business Growth Playbook

Before launching a new growth initiative, you'll need a robust and carefully planned business playbook.  Use the Wendt Partners Business Growth Playbook infographic with a complete assessment and action plan of components.

Training Solutions Data Sheet

Learn about the configurable workshop solutions from Wendt Partners’ HubSpot Portal Success Training™ that will amplify your team’s success on the complete HubSpot CRM platform.

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