Five Compelling Reasons to Adopt Inbound Marketing Now [Infographic]

A bar graph chartInbound marketing offers a revolutionary approach to marketing - one that can truly transform your business, and take you far beyond the limitations of traditional 'interruption' marketing. Here are five compelling reasons why you need to adopt it now:

1. Attract more visitors to your website.

By simply posting content containing certain keywords, future clients will be able to search common terms and be led to your website and/or blog. Business blogging alone - when done consistently and with a focus on keywords your prospects are searching for – can double or even triple your site's traffic… and with the right visitors. A tall, thin graphic showing the Adoption of Inbound Marketing and the charts to support it

2. Generate more leads for your business.

Now that you’ve attracted visitors, make their visit count. Include Calls-to-Action (CTAs) in the posts on your blog and link your readers to downloadable PDF’s or prompt them to sign up for an e-newsletter or other updates. With their contact information in hand, you can now contact them to answer any questions and can therefore, generate more leads. And, these leads are 30% more likely to be pre-qualified when they come through a site tuned for inbound marketing.

3. Give your sales people tools for success.

As I mentioned above, generating leads is easier with the inbound marketing approach, but what about making sales from the leads you already have? By increasing the amount of content on your website and blog - plus layering in ebooks, white papers, buying guides and other resources - your sales consultants will have more tailored and specific materials to present to prospects, thus increasing the probability of a sale.

4. Supercharge your market position.

More and more businesses are implementing inbound marketing into their marketing strategy. By implementing it into yours, you’ll be ahead of your competitors in the market - and you can prove it. Both traditional public relations efforts and dynamic social media programs require a constant feed of new and meaningful updates to share. When you're regularly producing quality content - blog articles, valuable resources, infographics, case studies and more - you're effectively taking market position away from less motivated competitors.

5. Close more deals today.

Think about it: As more and more of your sales leads begin through the inbound marketing funnel, the quality and quantity of your leads both go up. That's an exponential increase, which in turn leads to an exponential Return-on-Investment (ROI). In an age where traditional marketing efforts cost more and get less, it's incredible to think that you can streamline your sales and marketing process and actually close more business at the same time. When you add together more leads, better leads, more educated buyers and better-prepared field sales people, the bottom line is clear: You’re far more likely to shorten sales cycles, push competitors aside and close more deals.

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