Transitions from Africa Becomes a Worldwide Transition Community

Postmodern Globalization Challenges

Postmodern globalization doesn't just move products from one nation or continent to another; it also moves people. Professional talent and academic expertise in fields as diverse as engineering, law, trade, public policy, and international development often require complex relocations, as in-country experts have global assignment recruitment. And in many cases, these transitions bring international executives to the United States for contract or career work as professors, researchers, diplomats, engineers, non-governmental organization (NGO) leaders, and more.

These executives' challenges are varied and complex – from visas and travel plans to housing and lifestyle changes. Legal requirements, changes in trade law, and country-specific policies promulgated by the U.S. State Department add to the issues that face both employers and professionals as they seek to achieve a smooth transition during a critical time.

Adding Wendt Partners Strategy

As an accomplished lodging and hospitality industry leader with experience at global brands, including Hyatt Hotels and Avalon Communities, Ferdinand Akesse knew of a significant market need for information and resources to assist with global executive transitions. Possessing extensive firsthand experience in managing the transition process from key African nations, including Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa, he sought to develop a platform focused on serving the growing Africa-U.S. transition marketplace. From the United Nations community in New York to the diplomatic corps and academic centers of Washington, D.C., and from global energy companies in Houston to international trade firms in Los Angeles, the marketplace demanded a solution.

International Media Impact

Akesse, a native of the Ivory Coast who studied in Morocco before coming to the U.S., selected Wendt Partners to assist him in developing a strategy for serving this marketplace. The result was Transitions from Africa, a comprehensive international blog and portal for the executive transition community. The site features coverage of topics such as business, customs, travel, banking/finance, and relocation strategy and provides a comprehensive resource for the transition community. In addition, the site is fully bilingual in English and French and is further supported by a comprehensive social media program on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The strategy, positioning, and platform that Wendt Partners developed have empowered Akesse to create an enduring professional presence and a dynamic brand that resonate with key audiences, allowing Transitions from Africa to provide an essential resource worldwide.


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"Wendt Partners guided us through developing our business model, creating our brand presence and positioning us for success. Their commitment is palpable and their support has made our business vision truly come to life."

Ferdinand Akesse,
Transitions from Africa

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