Topspin Flips the Script on Lead Management With Sales Hub

The Challenge

Topspin’s ability to maintain a defined client base was instrumental to their continued success, but finding the right customer information where and when they needed it proved to be a more elusive skill to master. As their business expanded, this fundamental challenge only compounded:

  • Scattered Customer Data: At its inception, Topspin relied on basic and traditional means of organizing customer data, such as digital spreadsheets. As a small business with a specified audience, it was sufficient to store data in simple lists across multiple platforms and devices — without the benefits of automation. But as soon as their client base expanded, Topspin discovered that their scattered data management and lack of CRM strategy bogged down lead generation and sales initiatives.
  • "Fortune in the Follow-up:" Topspin had the goal of becoming a master at client communication. However, their initiatives were hampered by their unmanaged database. For such a time-sensitive area of the sales process as building client relationships, not being able to locate the right lead information at the right time was a detriment to their desired level of connection with past, present, and future prospects.

The Solution: Sales Hub

Wendt Partners became Topspin’s resource of choice to get them on track to better CRM and lead management. 

In order for Wendt Partners to implement HubSpot into Topspin’s business model, they first had to get to know their new partner. A HubSpot Solutions Specialist spoke with CEO Don Wolpers to discover Topspin’s priorities and immediate pain points. 

It became apparent that Topspin had all the drive and dedication necessary to grow — they just needed to begin their lead management journey in order to reach the next level.

Sales Hub Starter was chosen as the most valuable asset to address Topspin’s key issues by providing:

  • The ability to house multiple lines of communication all under one roof
  • A fully-customizable deal pipeline
  • A highly-personalized onboarding process
  • Detailed Sales Hub training for all Topspin personnel

Tackling the Lead Data

Topspin learned to manage their data with the help of a few key strategies:

  • Since a part of the Topspin sales process was collecting client information in-person and on-the-fly, Wendt Partners introduced the HubSpot Mobile App as a valuable tool for importing these crucial details. Wendt also quickly imported Topspin’s digital spreadsheet data into HubSpot for easy access to organized information.
  • Topspin learned the necessary strategies to manage lists and gained expertise in customizing lists specific to their sales structure and customer categories.
  • Wendt Partners developed custom properties in Sales Hub to store Topspin’s unique data sets as well as their deal pipeline. In doing so, Topspin was made to feel at home in a brand-new CRM space.

The Results

Topspin has given Sales Hub rave reviews thanks to the clear effect it has had on their business: 

  • Topspin saw a 23% increase in Sales Qualified Leads following their implementation with HubSpot.
  • They also enjoyed a hefty 78% increase in revenue. 

Of course, these results would not have been possible if Topspin had not been able to use HubSpot CRM successfully and manage its Sales data accurately. They expressed their ease with the platform and gratitude for the ability to reach the next level — and this is only the beginning.

Topspin's Future with HubSpot

Wendt Partners started with the basics to create the highest probability for Topspin’s long-term growth. The company is not only equipped with everything the Sales Hub Starter package has to offer — they possess a clear understanding of how to use the tools to store and use lead data and follow up with their clients at each step in the sales process and beyond.

Along with potential plans to implement Wendt Partners’ widely-trusted B2B Growth Stack and game-changing Concentric Growth Strategy, Topspin has begun consultations for Sales Hub Professional implementation — promising an even more efficient sales process. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and Topspin has truly hit it off with their HubSpot investment thanks to their valuable onboarding experience.

Topspin logo, small

Introducing Topspin

Husband and wife team Don and Anne Brix Wolpers founded Topspin Strategic Partners in 2016, and they’ve been serving small to medium-sized businesses across the nation from their base in Savage, Minnesota ever since. This consulting and analytical services provider had a mission: to expand their clients’ horizons and help them reach their short and long-term growth goals. Topspin’s first endeavors included:

  • Agile methodology implementation into marketing teams to improve their processes.
  • Comprehensive leadership training to give all levels of management the soft and hard skills necessary for company-wide success.

Over the last six years, Topspin’s consulting services have evolved to include strong connections to the flooring industry as it applies to homeowners and business owners alike. The agency works with their current partners and future prospects to deliver exemplary craftsmanship in flooring installation, repair, restoration, and refinishing. With Topspin’s support, clients seeking answers to their custom design flooring challenges find exactly what they need – gaining access to a valuable consulting resource in the process.

Personalized Onboarding

After setting up the HubSpot Portal and all Topspin user accounts, Wendt Partners began the Objective-Based Onboarding process with Topspin. Wendt personalized their approach around the most crucial client objective: a CRM implementation that would enable them to optimize their sales process. Wendt Partners got to the heart of Topspin’s business model. By conducting meetings to learn their process for engaging with clients, Wendt was able to personalize the onboarding process to establish a smart CRM and lead management system.

Attentive Training

As Topspin became fully implemented with Sales Hub Starter, Wendt Partners’ Solutions Specialist conducted practical training programs to ensure they could manage their new environment independently and stress-free. Lists (pre-made and from scratch), views, filters, and customizable deal pipelines were each introduced and covered in training.

The training process was expedited thanks to Wendt’s attention to detail and availability to answer Topspin’s questions and concerns. Each meeting was followed up with a summary straight to the CEO’s inbox. The sessions were bolstered by additional HubSpot resources, such as how-to videos and blog articles. Wendt took advantage of all that HubSpot had to offer for client implementation with Sales Hub, and their attention to detail paid off in increased leads and ROI.

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