Successfully Re-Branding the Drug-Free WorkPlace Solutions Program

Approaching a Drug-free Work Initiative

Addressing drugs in the workplace requires a careful but consistent approach. Employers need to know that establishing a strong drug-free work environment empowers employees and improves the workplace culture. The first challenge is confronting a sensitive topic without focusing solely on the penalties associated with being 'caught.' The second challenge is to help employers establish effective drug-free workplace programs and maintain and improve them over time. Overcoming these factors requires a new, employer-friendly approach that emphasizes training, team member involvement, and ease of administration.

Building B2B Brand Strategy

After deciding to reposition an existing drug-free workplace offering while transitioning from an in-person training and deployment model to the potential benefits of an online approach, the team behind Drug-Free WorkPlace Solutions selected Wendt Partners to serve as a strategic counsel as well as a single-source execution team. Wendt Partners advised and facilitated the entire process, including name selection, logo and identity development, brand system design, and messaging to the market. In addition, Wendt Partners devised a completely integrated value proposition customized for six specific target markets in the business-to-business arena. New learning materials, including scripts and visuals for more than forty-five individual training videos, were produced.

Creating New, Dramatic Market Interest

With the strategy and content firmly established, Wendt Partners moved into execution. A complete online environment was designed and built for the new program, including a public-facing website, member registration and e-commerce system, online learning application, and administrative tools for employers and program personnel. This state-of-the-art platform served as the centerpiece of a restructured service offering consisting of five integrated services. Deliverables included print materials, direct mail, video production, trade show displays, an interactive mini-DVD, workplace posters, billboards, and outdoor designs, and the editorial, photography, and design for a new business magazine targeted at executive audiences. The results? Dramatic increases in market interest, a steady stream of new leads, and new members' rapid acquisition (and retention).


  • Business-to-Business
  • Education
  • Nonprofit
  • Technology
  • Workforce Development


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Branding & Messaging
  • Organizational Development
  • Integrated Communications

Drug-free Workplace Solutions vertical banner graphic showing a collection of screenshots and a cover of a Solutions magazine


"Wendt Partners assisted us in re-branding our workplace program and created a new campaign that successfully communicated our message. To accompany our new program, they developed an interactive website that gives our clients access to all of our services online – and provided outstanding customer support along the way."

Melissa Rau
Business Development Director
Drug-Free WorkPlace Solutions

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