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Take the first step with HubSpot PTP scoping.

The HubSpot Portal Technology Planning™ (PTP) service provides strategic technical validation of your business objectives on the HubSpot platform. This paid service enables you to receive the benefits of a team of professionals, including HubSpot business analysts, technical consultants, and senior technologists.

Develop a precise and validated technical architecture for your enterprise CRM environment.

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Build the right plan for your HubSpot platform.

HubSpot PTP™ can be applied to multiple scenarios, including:

  • Scoping and validation of a custom integration
  • Requirements analysis for a custom application
  • Data quality evaluation, assessment, and planning
  • System architecture and data process modeling
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Bring the power of an agile team to your business.

When you select our PTP™ service, Wendt Partners will assign a business process analyst and/or an agile project manager and applicable technical experts. This team will focus on the specific application and address the following priorities:

  • Determining business requirements
  • Identifying technical steps and scope
  • Validating data and architecture components
  • Mapping processes and data flows
  • Documenting the scope of work for the next phase

When to Choose HubSpot PTP

HubSpot PTP™ is the ideal solution when a client has complex business requirements, and the technical details or processes to support them are not fully defined and documented.

What You Need to Know

Access a team of dedicated professionals who will take the necessary time to evaluate and document your organization's specific technical priorities.

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  • A client does not need to have a current HubSpot subscription to engage in a HubSpot PTP™ project if the project's purpose is to validate technical considerations associated with a future HubSpot purchase.
  • In some cases, Wendt Partners may require the client to begin with a HubSpot PTP™ project as the first step toward a properly scoped Technical Solutions engagement. In those cases, Wendt Partners will rebate 50% of the cost of the applicable HubSpot PTP™ project(s) against the actual Technical Solutions engagement fee.

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