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Begin with an assessment

The HubSpot Portal Progress Assessment™ (PPA) is a structured process for evaluating a client's HubSpot portal against both business and technical objectives. 

Key components in the program include the assignment of a lead HubSpot Specialist to the client's account and the following activities:

  • Kickoff session in week one focused on introducing the client's business process and history with HubSpot.
  • Portal walkthrough session in week two focused on discussing and reviewing how the client has configured, used, and applied HubSpot to date.

Continue with an evaluation checklist.

A thorough evaluation of the client's HubSpot portal will include addressing the following questions:

checkbox with green checkmarkWhat configuration settings and presets are properly set up and optimized (or in need of configuration changes or optimization).

checkbox with green checkmarkHow new data is entered, maintained, and cleaned/appended.

checkbox with green checkmarkHow data is being linked together and related effectively between objects.

checkbox with green checkmarkWhich tools are in use and which are underutilized or poorly deployed

checkbox with green checkmarkLevel of automation usage in the system and how it is being utilized

checkbox with green checkmarkRelationship between business objectives and tool/capability focus in the portal

checkbox with green checkmarkData formatting, asset management, and structure of the content in the system

checkbox with green checkmarkRelative and benchmarked performance of assets, processes, and campaigns

checkbox with green checkmarkSystem usage metrics (how users are working with the system and to what degree)

checkbox with green checkmarkLevel of effective integration between HubSpot and other systems in the client's enterprise operating environment (for both user-level integrations such as LinkedIn and business-level integrations such as accounting software, as relevant).

checkbox with green checkmarkCurrent reporting and analytics tools in use and accuracy/completeness of data

Report Review Session

Our team will prepare a report presenting the assessment findings for each hub being evaluated, and our recommended priorities, actions, and next steps to improve business results.

  • Review session in week four where your HubSpot Specialist presents the assessment findings, recommendations, and actions that can generate the most improvement in both operational and strategic senses.

What you need to know about HubSpot PPA

Take the leap to gain a valuable, in-depth understanding of your HubSpot configurations.

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*Please Note: Price per hub should be included in the assessment process. Quantity purchased should match and specify the number and name of the hubs to be included in the assessment.

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