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Answer Summary

Are the methods you used to grow the business to where it is at today going to be the same ones that will take you to your growth goals for tomorrow?

Have you fully leveraged the potential value of customer segmentation and target market strategy to drive growth?

Does your brand clearly communicate the unique positioning and competitive differentiators that can deliver growth for your business?

Have you identified how well your value proposition aligns with the unique buyer personas and top concerns voiced by your target customers?

Is your company reliably using and accurately maintaining a customer relationship management (CRM) system to support sales and customer engagement?

Are your customers being effectively profiled over time so that you can identify opportunities to better retain and penetrate your accounts?

Is your sales team operating consistently on the basis of well-defined and documented sales processes and priorities?

Have you begun to effectively leverage emerging sales innovations such as sales enablement, sales acceleration and social selling?

Is your marketing program well balanced across digital, traditional and content-focused channels?

Does your current marketing content effectively inform, educate, engage and speak to the needs of your customers, prospects and partners?

Is your company currently executing an integrated growth plan that aligns elements such as your business strategy, brand strategy, CRM, sales and marketing together?

Does your executive team presently include one individual other than the CEO who is responsible for strategy and execution across all aspects of growth?

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