HubSpot API Keys Sunset and Move to Private Apps

September 07, 2022

HubSpot Prepares to Sunset API Keys

On November 30, 2022, HubSpot is implementing a mandatory security change that affects API keys, an authentication method for HubSpot integrations.

What’s updating?

This change rollout requires that all integrations work with private apps instead of API keys. HubSpot prevented new keys from being generated after July 15, 2022. Any existing API keys will work until the deadline of November 30.

This change will:

  • Update the authentication method
  • Offer increased security
  • Allow partners more control over integrations
  • Protect client account data

Why is this happening?

Historically, each custom integration to a HubSpot account was granted access using the account’s API key. While this method provided easy setup capabilities, HubSpot also sought to increase customer data protection.

With the introduction of private apps, separate static access tokens will be used to set up integrations instead. Private Apps combine the easy setup of API keys with the high-level security features of OAuth.HubSpot security notices showing API keys will be phased out on November 30th and moving to private apps

What does this mean for my team?

The decision to phase out API Keys will provide a much better experience for HubSpot users, allow them to connect their integrations without additional code, and increase security — all by changing the authentication method.

What next?

Every HubSpot customer who relies on API keys for one or more integrations will need to update their integration to switch to private apps before November 30, 2022. If you have questions and need help click our calendar link below to book a consultation call with Pat.


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