Berk International Finds Success in Partnership with Wendt Partners

Needs & Challenges

Managing Berk’s extensive network of manufacturers and distributors is no simple feat. Berk values client relationships above all else, and maintaining those relationships requires clear communication that spans time zones and connects busy schedules.

In the era of digital solutions, Berk sought to implement automation where possible along the customer relationship pipeline, enabling their sales team to give each new lead and recurring partner the dedication they deserve.

Berk also recognized the need to develop a brand reputation that stood out from the competition. To do this, the company sought to become its distributors’ primary source of essential sales and marketing knowledge. This new role would integrate Berk as a key player in every step of the sales process towards the end users of their wiping solutions.

Growing with Wendt Partners

Berk initially reached out to Wendt Partners as a trusted third-party solutions provider for the HubSpot CRM software. This gave Berk access to each benefit of the renowned platform at an attractive price, including data collection, pipeline management, deal tracking, email management tools, and so much more.

As a HubSpot Elite Partner, Wendt Partners had the expertise to train Berk staff in HubSpot’s tools and applications. Developing the sales process in this way gave Berk the freedom to expand its vision for the future.

“There’s a tradeoff in time and energy,” observed Jake Berk, Chief Revenue Officer, about the benefits of HubSpot automation. “Through outsourcing, I could give more awareness to other areas while ensuring that my team had access to best-in-class expertise from Wendt Partners.” HubSpot CRM supported his sales team and set him free to lead, manage, and innovate.

As Wendt Partners worked with Berk to onboard HubSpot from start to finish, Berk realized the possibilities of a continued partnership with the firm as a business growth solutions provider. Using the Wendt Partners B2B Growth Stack™ methodology Berk’s business model was placed on the trajectory towards success in ways they hadn’t even conceived:

  1. Client-Facing Content: Content development, a core component of Wendt Partners’ marketing sprint approach, proved instrumental for Berk. Regularly-published content made use of Berk’s sales and marketing knowledge to meet its goal of helping distributors with their own business development.
  2. Website Solutions: Wendt Partners focused Berk’s digital presence with an updated website to house its new content and attract more leads than ever before. This is compounded by HubSpot’s visitor tracking and lead conversion capabilities. Berk staff know which content areas are the most interesting to their distributor base, allowing for more focused client discussions.
  3. Client Communication: Wendt Partners staff set a clear organizational framework for their interactions with Jake and other Berk team members. They made sure to articulate the purpose of each meeting and provide follow-up whenever necessary.  These clear lines of communication helped Berk allocate its time effectively across multiple channels and accomplish goals in record time.

Achieving Continued Impact

Wendt Partners developed an actionable plan to grow Berk’s client base and elevate marketing and sales capabilities within the company. Their team members provide Berk staff with robust support, expertise and HubSpot CRM training. The B2B Growth Stack model continually delivers an honest and thorough assessment across all areas of Berk’s organizational growth, from their business model and brand strategy to their sales and marketing practices. Wendt Partners’ understanding of Berk’s strengths allowed them to compound and leverage those strengths, providing Berk’s distributors with new, transformative ways to connect with the organization.

By working with Wendt Partners, Berk International feels confident that they have built the strong foundations needed for continued growth in the coming years. “I’m comforted that we have a program and partnership that moves us upward thanks to Wendt Partners,” says Jake Berk. “When we arrived at our initial growth goals with confidence, I could then turn my attention to helping my team achieve the next level of growth, backed by Wendt Partners expertise and support.”

Berk International Logo

Company Profile

Over the past two decades, Berk International has established itself as the premier provider of woven and non-woven disposable wiping solutions. Operating out of Boyertown, Pennsylvania, Berk connects with forward-thinking distributors across 40 countries, whose end users span the world’s essential industries – healthcare, aerospace, agriculture, high-tech manufacturing, and many more. As a product converter, Berk repackages its wiping solutions from their parent roll form to suit the specific needs of these industries. Jake Berk serves as the organization’s Chief Revenue Officer, stewarding the company’s sales and marketing programs.

Business Numbers

  • Expanded 270,000 square-foot building
  • 17 production lines
  • 24/7 operational state-of-the-art equipment
  • 12+ industries served
  • Supported over 40 charitable foundations
  • 35+ years of service

"When we arrived at our initial growth goals with confidence, I could then turn my attention to helping my team achieve the next level of growth, backed by Wendt Partners expertise and support."

Jake Berk
Chief Revenue Officer
Berk International

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