Advantages of a Wendt Partners Website

Wendt Partners business website packages offer you the benefits of a cutting-edge, custom web solution that will fit your budget. Consider these advantages:

1. Custom design, every time.

Your business is different, so your website should be different too. Too many websites look generic, because they are generic. Not with us. Ever.

2. Open architecture. Period.

We use state-of-the-art open source and open platform technologies to build your site. These include Linux, Apache web server, MySQL and PHP. And our weCMS™ is based on WordPress.

3. You control your hosting. You control your business.

Only reliable, redundant data centers managed by experts should host your website. That's why we work with some of the nation's top hosting firms, so you have true peace-of-mind.

4. Lots of essential tools. Included.

We bundle more than twenty custom tools and resources into every website – from Google Analytics and web accessibility (W3C) support to form builders and custom post types.

5. Fixed pricing you can count on.

Carefully scoped to include everything you need in a powerful, business-class solution, our business website packages offer fixed-price peace-of-mind.

6. Your site can scale with us.

Working with us means working with a team that's built sites for major companies and organizations, which ensures that your site can scale with us. From the world's largest online tutoring service to a nationwide provider of e-learning, we’ve built sites that scale.

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