Business-to-Business Solutions

Selected Clients:

  • Basic Overnight Quarters LLC
  • BVFR & Associates
  • Dawood Engineering / Dawood Associates
  • Keystone BioFuels, Inc.
  • NAI CIR - Bill Gladstone Group
  • Prematics, Inc.
  • Salzmann Hughes, P.C.

we build businesses

Wendt Partners works with business clients to look at all aspects of their company and explore ways to strengthen their sales strategy, market positioning, business model and revenue growth.

Whether we're examining the sales and marketing process of a corporate housing company, the client relationship strategies of a CPA firm, the order fulfillment procedures of a manufacturer, or the project management methods of a construction company, Wendt Partners recognizes that a brand promise begins with the ability of employees to consistently deliver a quality product or service.

Converting these findings into a business plan that identifies opportunities for differentiation is what leads to a successful marketing and business development strategy and creates new enthusiasm among sales teams and channel partners.

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