Learn 7 Key Strategies for Automating Business Processes with HubSpot

B2B business leaders gathered on August 25, 2022, to participate in a cutting-edge discussion between Chief Growth Officer and Co-founder of Wendt Partners, Doug Wendt, and HubSpot Enablement Specialist Amelia Gallup. Throughout the “Automating Your Business Processes With HubSpot” web event, Doug and Amelia shared exclusive insights for B2B businesses looking to implement automation in all of their business processes — from sales to digital marketing — by using the powerful tools and techniques within the HubSpot ecosystem.

Read on to learn some key takeaways from this informative event.


Defining Business Processes for Quality Automation

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If your team doesn’t have a clear vision and direction for how business processes should be functioning outside of HubSpot, trying to define those procedures in individual HubSpot Hubs will quickly become confusing. Knowing your business operations inside and out is the first step to improving both the customer and team member experience with HubSpot automation.

Even when you know your business very well, gaps may still exist that can lead to problems down the line in client communication. The best way to identify and address these gaps is through proactive, continuous customer service.

“The real journey is for all of us to better think through how we can serve our customers where they are and how they want to be served — better, more efficiently, and more effectively,” reflects Doug. Quick responses to client concerns, answering questions, and asking for feedback directly allow you to bake new insights into your business processes.

The Wendt Partners business model continuously evolves according to their client base’s needs and challenges — so far that they now offer double the number of lines of business as they did only six months ago. By defining their processes according to client feedback, they are now clear about the automation needed to succeed.

The HubSpot Automation Toolkit

With custom objects for each of the company’s four lines of business, a client engagement record that automatically moves clients through the steps corresponding to the services they paid for, and automated cross-department communication throughout each client journey (from the initial sales call to service fulfillment), Wendt Partners has effectively built their entire business process on the HubSpot platform.

Doug shared insight into his own contact record in order to describe the sheer range of tools available in the HubSpot platform to create a customized environment — including custom fields and groupings, customizable screen views, and an overview tab that allows users to select the most important items for top-of-screen view and extension cards that automate the wide variety of HubSpot native integrations (such as DocuSign). All of these tools work in tandem to “harmonize the language” of each individual user with the language of HubSpot for a fully customizable experience.

Simple Navigation & Setup

Setting up automated features on HubSpot that speak to the client’s specific needs is a simple, user-friendly process. Amelia highlighted its ease by walking through how to create a client engagement and sharing some helpful tips along the way for simplifying the process even further — for example, allowing a deal record to enroll in two workflows at the same time in order to create custom objects for two lines of business simultaneously.

Resource Management Automation

Once a business has configured all of its processes on the HubSpot platform, it can auto-assign tasks to its different teams. In order to delegate duties to their coded client-service teams, Wendt Partners created a functionality within HubSpot that delegates team assignments according to their individual roles in the wider company. In doing so, they effectively automated their resource management process.

Simplify Complex Client Connections

There are many times in a business procedure where input from multiple departments is needed to find a solution. With tools like automated pipelines and associations that provide users with a way of identifying the relationship between an individual or a record, any business can clarify the steps that need to be taken at any point in time (regardless of how many team members are involved).

Evolving Business Processes

Everyone gets excited about new technology, but the truth is that innovation can only occur when business processes are as efficient as they can possibly be. HubSpot implementation is the perfect time for businesses and organizations to ask themselves if there are any disconnects in their current state of affairs and how they can evolve the business to take advantage of all the technology offers.

HubSpot itself continues to evolve and create even more possibilities for businesses to customize their experiences with the platform. It’s an invigorating time for companies that seek to build and automate their solutions on HubSpot, and Wendt Partners is there every step of the way to make the process even easier.

Implement Automation With an Elite HubSpot Partner

As an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner, Wendt Partners knows the #1 B2B CRM platform inside and out — and our team creates opportunities to share their expertise whenever possible. Through our monthly blog and web event content, we aim to direct businesses towards the most pertinent B2B growth strategies and bring the best of HubSpot right to your organization.

Check out the full recording of “Automating Your Business Processes with HubSpot” below or on YouTube to hear more of Doug and Amelia’s HubSpot automation insights.

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