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Our team is a reflection of our home here in the heart of the world's borough – Queens, New York City.  It's literally the most diverse place on earth.

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Doug Wendt

Chief Growth Officer & Senior Partner

Elizabeth Thibault

Operations Director

Sayward Robicheau

Operations Support Team Lead

Chad Pritchett

Growth Solutions Team Lead

Pat Fuentes

Sales Operations & Client Success Team Lead

Horace Bayaborda

Growth Solutions SDR

Anne Wolpers

Director of Business Transformation

Anya Tijerina

HubSpot Specialist

Brice Bradshaw

HubSpot Specialist

Carla Bertoldi

Client Success Specialist

Emma Downes

Content Contributor

Evie De La Cruz

HubSpot Solutions Sales and Client Success

Neeraj Karnani

Inbound SEO Specialist

Noah Lassiter

HubSpot Training Specialist

Kellie Ann Perry

Growth Solutions Digital Marketing Specialist

Tammy Zwicker

Digital Support Specialist

Adam Boles

Content Contributor

Alex Desnoyers

HubSpot Channel Consultant

Anjali Gupta

HubSpot Specialist

Ariadna Gonzalez

Hubspot Onboarding Specialist

Arvin Espanto

Digital Developer

Chris Bryant

Technical Solutions Team Lead

Chris Moore

Channel Account Manager

John Crozier-Durham

Growth Consulting Team Lead

Kate Downes

Content Coordinator

Kate Brenton

Content Contributor

Krystle Doucette-Dempsey

Digital Developer

Lori Dickey

HubSpot Specialist

Marissa Polselli

Content Development Team Lead

Neha Karnani

SEM/PPC Specialist

Nik Maheshwari

HubSpot Specialist

Samantha Canon

Digital Solutions Team Lead

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