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Representing more than 45 regional, provincial and state technology trade organizations in the United States and Canada, the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) is the voice of business owners and technology innovators in more than 15,000 member companies who fuel the innovation economy in North America. Founded in 1995, TECNA was originally established as the Council of Regional Information Technology Associations (CRITA). In 2008, the organization changed its identity to reflect a broader mission and the increasing presence of a wide variety of technology companies and organizations within its membership. As a result, TECNA has committed itself to achieving increased visibility and enhancing the presence of the technology community -- 'from grassroots to global' -- with public policy leaders in both Washington, D.C. and Ottawa.

Recognizing the critical role of education and workforce development in the future of the technology industry, TECNA established that its top priorities in 2008-09 would be developing a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) workforce, and achieving greater impact as a partner in public policy development. One cornerstone of TECNA's strategy is the annual Fly-In event in Washington, D.C. The Fly-In provides TECNA leaders, members and partners to participate in a dedicated public policy forum that integrates world-class speakers, critical topics and legislative outreach on Capitol Hill. Wendt Partners was retained to assist TECNA leadership with communications and logistics for the 2009 program, with particular emphasis on defining a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder public policy agenda for use with lawmakers.


Wendt Partners worked closely with TECNA leadership to rapidly develop an effective communications platform. Beginning with the TECNA legislative agenda, Wendt Partners created a comprehensive but concise narrative for the Technology Agenda for North America, focusing on four priorities: STEM and workforce development, healthcare IT, broadband access, and innovation economics. In addition, Wendt Partners created a briefing guide on TECNA's Exaflood program, a national workshop series on broadband public policy sponsored in part by AT&T. Wendt Partners also worked with TECNA members to coordinate program logistics, support speakers, document program activities, and capture feedback. As a result, TECNA achieved record attendance, strong post-program feedback, and lasting impact that the organization will build upon going forward.


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Wendt Partners helped us deliver a premier program and companion resources for our partners and stakeholders. They successfully developed a public policy agenda package, designed conference communications, assisted with coordination support and made sure that all of the pieces functioned flawlessly together for our member associations and their stakeholders. Thanks to their help, TECNA and its Technology Agenda for North America have reached a new milestone.
Kelly Lewis, Vice President, Technology Councils of North America

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