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While most organizational development engagements focus on taking an existing agency to the next level, in some cases outside counsel is retained to help form the organization in the first place. The Southcentral Pennsylvania Intermediary Network (SPIN) was established to develop a regional education and workforce development network among four existing agencies. SPIN needed to be given an identity, strategy and direction that would meet the needs of the founding partners, and support development of new partners as well. Wendt Partners was retained to assist SPIN with its startup and launch in four areas: strategy and sustainability planning, branding and communications, network development and program management.

With future grant and partner funding directly tied to the organization’s early success, it was also imperative that the communications program provide quantitative validation against clear performance metrics. In the case of SPIN, those metrics measured stakeholder engagement, student involvement in programs, teacher development and other factors. Wendt Partners first focused on planning for sustainability, and sought to build the communications strategy for SPIN as new programs were also devised. Wendt Partners produced a comprehensive workshop series, presented key topics, facilitated breakout sessions, and interfaced directly with the media to raise awareness.

The branding strategy allowed SPIN to launch a targeted communications effort and reach out to regional business leaders and potential sponsors. Wendt Partners also met with new partners to support their integration into the SPIN program of work, and published a comprehensive Intermediary Best Practices Guide. “The Wendt Partners team was always available to help us plan next steps, think strategically, and prepare for the future,” says Glenn Caufman of the York County Alliance for Learning and a SPIN founding member. “Their grasp of our audience, messages and challenges—coupled with the results of their work—demonstrated that, quite simply, they ‘got it.’"


Economic Development, Education, Nonprofit, Workforce Development


Strategic Consulting, Branding & Messaging, Organizational Development, Integrated Communications

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The Wendt Partners team was always available to help us plan, strategize, and prepare for the future with a grasp of our audiences and messages. Quite simply, they ‘got it.’
Glenn Caufman, Founding Member, Southcentral Pennsylvania Intermediary Network

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