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Prescription safety impacts everyone. Powerful and complex medications are part and parcel of virtually any medical treatment protocol, and the side effects of both individual drugs and the combinations of multiple drugs, can be severe if not deadly. The most common cause of prescription-driven medical emergencies is the unintended effect of multiple medications upon one another. While children and adults alike are susceptible to the affects of accidental drug interactions, one group stands out as the most at risk for such crises: senior citizens. The average American over the age of 65 takes ten or more medications in a given week, sometimes as many as thirty or forty...and the exponential risk from dosing errors or combinations can be deadly.

Recognizing that the crisis in pharmaceutical safety can only be solved by addressing both sides of the equation -- practitioners and patients -- a group of e-prescribing industry leaders came together to create a solution. Led by Prematics, a Tysons Corner, VA-based leader in the development and deployment of e-prescribing technology, the SNAP campaign was formed. SNAP stands for Seniors Now Active in Prescribing, and it focuses on empowering older Americans to take greater control of their healthcare safety by becoming directly involved in the self-management of their prescriptions. Through direct outreach at senior centers, presentations to civic organizations, coordination with Area Agencies on Aging, and cooperative engagement with government leaders, SNAP provided a critical platform for outreachon this critical issue.

Seniors who experienced the program received a wallet card with instructions and easy-to-remember tips using a mnemonic device to encourage the use of easy-to-follow steps. A dynamic presentation and speakers' bureau program supported the effort, backed by an advisory board of key leaders. The background research in support of SNAP was developed into a white paper titled "The Power to Know", emphasizing the role of patient involvement. In addition, SNAP developed content appropriate to family members and other caregivers, creating a 'wraparound' strategy supported by op-eds and media engagement. Physicians who utilized e-prescribing were positioned as additional outreach partners. By emphasizing patient empowerment and awareness, SNAP provided the ideal complement to technology's increasing role and helped improve healthcare safety.




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The SNAP campaign offers a significant step forward in helping to improve the quality of life and healthcare safety of seniors and their caregivers.
Bill Johnston-Walsh, Former Pennsylvania Deputy Secretary for Aging

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