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How do you take an organization with a longstanding mission, and position it to redefine its own future? In the case of the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy, the answer is to create new programs that can connect the organization with a wider range of stakeholders. Land conservation organizations -- there are more than 100 in Pennsylvania alone -- traditionally focus on acquiring land, securing easements, and supporting preservation through private donations and public financing. However, this creates three challenges. The first is that it describes a very passive approach to land preservation. The second is that it focuses exclusively on acres preserved through expensive acquisitions. And the third is that the resulting value proposition appeals to a very small subset of potential donors and partners. In short -- it's good to be focused, but not good to be inflexible.

Recognizing that it was time to flexibly rethink its business model, the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy asked a fundamental question: what can one organization to do engage a wide range of stakeholders in civic decisions that, over time, will lead to more land preservation, without always relying upon land preservation funded from the Conservancy's own coffers? One option was to provide new, cutting-edge consulting services to municipal governments -- and even directly to land developers. Conservancy staff had become extremely capable at utilizing new GIS-based modeling technology and were devising a new approach to using the software -- but had not figured out how exactly to package, program or promote this capability. In response to this emerging possibility, they hired Wendt Partners to guide them through the entire process, from planning to production.

Wendt Partners met with Conservancy leaders, reviewed capabilities, and performed a competitive analysis, while in the process also benchmarking the Conservancy against other cutting-edge land preservation groups across the nation. The Wendt Partners team then defined the new program, developed a comprehensive brand strategy, and positioned the brand so that it would be received positively by the widest range of potential donors, sponsors and investors. From that point, Wendt Partners created content and collateral, documented case stories, launched a new website, supported public briefings, and assisted the organization with national grant writing efforts. As a result, ReVisionPA is now a leading program that has successfully positioned the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy as a national leader in land conservation strategy.


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Wendt Partners helped us take a rough sketch concept for re-inventing our approach, and managed to synthesize all of the possibilities to create a clear and compelling new direction for our organization. Wendt Partners has been truly integral to our success.
Debra Bowman, Executive Director, Central Pennsylvania Conservancy

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