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The Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce Executives (PCCE) is an association focused on supporting the professional advancement and organizational development needs of more than 120 chambers of commerce throughout Pennsylvania. With a change in executive leadership and the relocation of the association’s headquarters, the PCCE board established a special strategic planning task force to look at the organization with fresh eyes and plan for the future.

Wendt Partners was retained to effectively facilitate the process and guide the task force through deliberation on a number of important issues. Beginning with a pre-facilitation assessment and survey, Wendt Partners used the pre-planning stage to encourage creative thinking and help participants prepare for a wide-ranging discussion. During the main planning session the process incorporated open dialogue, shared brainstorming, and structured planning components so that relevant new ideas found their way directly to actionable next steps.

After the planning session was completed, Wendt Partners prepared a comprehensive report that was presented to the PCCE board of directors. The report included an assessment summary, key recommendations, possible outcomes and suggested next steps. The board then utilized the planning report to guide organizational decision-making, and invited Wendt Partners to return for a follow-up engagement. “Wendt Partners helped us define a new direction as we progressed through major changes in our organization,” says Tom Donley, President of the York County Chamber of Commerce and one of the PCCE task force officers. “In organizational development, it’s so important to be empathetic and engaged, while also bringing forth concrete recommendations that help to achieve results. Wendt Partners was able to do all of this for the PCCE.”




Strategic Consulting, Organizational Development

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Wendt Partners helped the PCCE define a new direction as we progressed through major changes in our organization. They were empathetic, engaged and focused on achieving results.
Tom Donley, President, York County Chamber of Commerce

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