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Drug Free Pennsylvania is a statewide nonprofit organization focused on working with educators, businesses and health officials to ensure that Pennsylvania's classrooms, workplaces and communities inspire action to prevent substance abuse. This vision is achieved through cost-effective workplace programs such as training, drug testing and policy development. It is also supported through educational outreach including media literacy and curricular programs to help teachers and schools increase students' awareness of how the media shapes and manipulates their perceptions and decisions. Drug Free Pennsylvania also works very closely with state agencies including the Department of Health and the Department of Labor & Industry to proactively implement substance abuse prevention programs and strategies.

One cornerstone of the agency's service offering is its media literacy program, in which Drug Free Pennsylvania works with educators to introduce middle school and high school students to the realities of how the media influences society, the perceptions young people have about the world around them and which behaviors are acceptable or desirable in their lives. The Media Straight Up! curriculum guide, authored by Renee Hobbs, PhD, of Temple University's Media Education Lab, is a critical resource that provides educators with 12 hands-on lessons designed to engage young people directly in a critical analysis of the media and in communication exercises that empower them to practice shaping public opinion. As a consequence of the guide's intended audience, it is imperative that the Media Straight Up! guide be kept current and be presented as a 'cutting edge' resource that will appeal to today's students.

Taking a comprehensive and strategic approach, Wendt Partners designed a completely new brand and visual identity for the guide, replacing an almost singular prior focus on traditional television with a structured emphasis on four emerging media technologies -- portable music, video gaming, online media, and interactive television. In addition, Wendt Partners devised updated fonts, photography and graphical elements intended to present a youth-friendly image. This overall 'look and feel' was then integrated with a purpose-built microsite that both hosts the guide and provides a directory-based search tool so that educators can locate and download specific lessons. The new micro-site also captures site registrations dynamically so that Drug Free Pennsylvania can track where the guide is being used and communicate directly with interested teachers across Pennsylvania's 501 school districts.


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Wendt Partners did a fantastic job for us, building a new brand that successfully communicated our message. We received numerous comments on the design for the new curriculum, with the highest praise coming from our partners at the Temple University Media Education Lab. And the new website provides a seamless presentation for all of the companion resources. Both the process of working with Wendt Partners, and the results, were a pleasure.
Chad Rohrbach, Executive Director, Drug Free Pennsylvania

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