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There was a time when many purchasing decisions were made through one of three methods: advertising, personal referrals, or the phone book. Today, with the myriad of media resources, internet search tools and rating sites available, people have access to more decision channels, but are often less clear about the best options to meet their needs. Executive Space Solutions (ESS) is an innovative provider of hybrid search solutions tailored to the on-demand office space market. The firm helps growing, entrepreneurial enterprises locate flexible, serviced office space that is tailored to meet the current and future needs of the client. Combining the best of online search capabilities with the personalized service of expert consultants, Executive Space Solutions is at the forefront of the rapidly changing commercial real estate industry.

Executive Space Solutions sought to rethink the firm's approach to the structure and user experience of its online portals and offline services, with a focus on providing unique knowledge and expertise that would position the firm as an industry leader. The company hired Wendt Partners to perform a BrandPlanning(tm) analysis and advise the firm on competitive positioning, market differentiation, brand presentation and target market growth strategy. The Wendt Partners BrandPlanning process represents the first of three steps in the firm's unique strategic branding methodology, and focuses on integrating a client's business strategy with the market-facing communication options that are most likely to improve sales. Wendt Partners also performed an environmental scan of the firm's marketplace as a whole, and identified trends that the firm could capitalize on as it planned for future expansion.

The BrandPlanning process revolutionized key aspects of the Executive Space Solutions business strategy, leading to a rethinking of the company's brand platform and approach to the marketplace. Wendt Partners identified significant areas in which ESS could 'own' a significant untapped segment of the market and recommended that the firm direct future resources to that specific market niche, setting aside less strategic directions that could also create brand confusion. In addition, Wendt Partners provided the firm with a four-phase business development pathway that addressed market awareness, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and online advertising integration, as well as brand enhancement and evolution. The result is a sharpened strategic direction that has allowed ESS to approach the marketplace in ways that favor if its core differentiators as the firm expands to new cities nationwide.


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We very much appreciate the candor and knowledge that Wendt Partners displayed in working with us. They inspired a different way of thinking that we believe will help our company improve. In short, their advice led to positive change, and we cannot thank them enough.
Caleb Parker, CEO, Executive Space Solutions

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