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Drugs in the workplace. It's a highly charged and deeply contentious topic to begin with, and encouraging employers and employees alike to do more about it can prove tricky. Focus too much on preventive testing, random searches and other forms of active enforcement, and you risk establishing a culture of fear or becoming labeled as an advocate against workers' rights. Center your mesaging on employee benefits and, particulary during a recession, employers may assume that the cost of your recommendations is a prohibitive and unnecessary luxury. In the end, however, on average 3-4 percent of employees are engaged in some form of drug use in or around the workplace. And while the good news is that drug use is on the decline, the fact is that it will only stay in decline if efforts are made to continue establishing a drug-free culture.

Drug Free Pennsylvania recognized that workplace drug use issues need an advocacy and messaging approach that manages to simultaneously reward employers and employees alike for encouraging a drug-free culture, while also making it clear that tolerance for drugs is not acceptable. The result of this effort was the "Welcome / Open" campaign. The "Welcome / Open" campaign created an advertising and advocacy platform with two key messages, built on the theme that opportunities are available for drug-free employees. Employers who proclaim "Drug-Free Employees Welcome" or "Open to Drug-Free Employees" are emphasizing the positive while also making it clear that they do not tolerate, accept or embrace those who are not drug-free. The theme is also business-oriented, using visual queues that relate to business vitality and entrepreneurialism.

Working with Wendt Partners, the team at Drug Free Pennsylvania developed a winning advertising program that was visually stimulating, creative and at the same time highly professional and attractive to human resource managers and business executives. In a time of economic uncertainty, the positive theme with visuals of welcome mats and store entrances with 'open' signs created an inspiring message which also suggested in a secondary theme -- supported by ad copy -- that employers who hire drug-free employers also operate more successful and sustainable enterprises. The campaign was warmly received in the marketplace, generated increased impact for the agency and helped emphasize the business-friendly and positive workstyle of Drug Free Pennsylvania as a valued partner, to create positive, drug-free work environments.


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The campaign has been very well received! The design is clean and professional, and Wendt Partners made it easy for us to project the right image to our target audiences.
Chad Rohrbach, Executive Director, Drug Free Pennsylvania

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