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Young adults today are faced with an overwhelming range of decisions that can have a lasting impact on their lives. One of those decisions is what to study in school. Dauphin County Technical School (DC Tech) is a progressive, comprehensive technical education institution serving students from across a wide range of communities -- from rural areas to urban centers. DC Tech's challenge was to reach these diverse students and their families with information on a wide range of career development opportunities, and make a compelling case that students should consider DC Tech for their high school education. Considering the national awards and successful careers that DC Tech students have achieved, the story was compelling. The key was to tell it well, and in ways that would resonate with the school's target audiences.

Based upon a thorough assessment of DC Tech and its constituents, Wendt Partners built a strategy built around the message, "Find Your Direction at DC Tech." This messaging strategy emphasizes advantages for both parents and students, by empowering students to make a decision and assuring parents that DC Tech will help guide their children toward a rewarding career path. In addition, the messaging focus emphasizes action and movement -- concepts that resonate with young adults eager to begin the next phae of their lives. Working with DC Tech's leadership team, Wendt Partners built an icon system and messaging processes tailored to each of the school's four career clusters, and developed compelling narratives to support each program.

To further support the new brand strategy, Wendt Partners developed a dynamic newsletter program that integrates with online content and profiles the stories of successful students, alumni and partners of DC Tech. Response to the new communications strategy has been outstanding, with positive feedback and new recognition of DC Tech's strengths as a regional center of excellence. This, in turn, helped DC Tech staff develop successful new relationships with school districts and other partners, leading to a significant increase in year-over-year enrollment. "Wendt Partners helped us think more strategically about how to emphasize the advantages that make DC Tech a smart choice," said Madeleine Bowman, Community Relations Coordinator. "And the new communications have been very well received."


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The strategic marketing plan Wendt Partners developed gives us a clear roadmap for success, and the new communications have been very well received. In addition, Wendt Partners helped us think more strategically about how to emphasize the advantages that make DC Tech a smart choice for parents and students.
Madeleine Bowman, Community Relations Coordinator, DC Tech

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