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The public accounting profession is, in many ways, at a crossroads. The increasing complexity of financial leadership and the urgent demands of fiscal accountability require innovation and efficiency like never before. Yet at the same time, clients remain focused - first and foremost - on ensuring that their accountant is committed to the longstanding principles of the profession: a methodical process focus, ongoing attention to detail, and rock-solid stability within the CPA firm itself. Boyer & Ritter has carefully evolved to embrace the best of both essential aspects, and sought to share its unique approach more effectively in the crowded, competitive marketplace.

Working with the firm's director of marketing, Wendt Partners facilitated a series of executive workshops for the firm's partners, and performed outside research on client perceptions, market positioning and competitive changes in the business climate. Encompassing the wide range of specialties the firm supports, and addressing the four markets served by Boyer & Ritter's various offices, Wendt Partners crafted a brand strategy that encompassed enhancement of the visual identity; strengthening of the firm's brand position; and an emphasis on the B&R Advantage, a unique series of steps that collectively offer a superior accounting and consulting solution to the firm's clients.

Wendt Partners worked exhaustively to capture the essence of the Boyer & Ritter culture and put the firm's 'best foot forward' through language, positioning strategies and the development of new communication tools. Foremost among these has been a series of new vertical market data sheets that specify, across 16 unique disciplines, how Boyer & Ritter brings the advantages of a larger firm with the resources of more than 80 employees, together with the core expertise and hands-on partner engagement normally associated with a smaller firm. The result has been a renewed energy in marketing efforts, and greater confidence expressed by partners and associates in the firm's ability to engage competitively in sales cycles by clearly demonstrating the B&R Advantage.


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From the BrandPlanning strategy through the development of each deliverable, Wendt Partners helped us truly shape our voice and message for each market we serve. Their thoroughness and attention to detail shows in the results that they produced.
Jennifer DeGaetano, Director of Marketing, Boyer & Ritter

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