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As a rural regional public school district, Big Spring School District serves a close-knit group of communities whose citizens work hard to retain the values of small-town life, supported by a competitive agriculture sector. This also means that the district has to work hard to make every dollar count, since residents, not businesses, pay the vast majority of school taxes. As a result, Superintendent Richard Fry wanted to create a communications strategy that would show taxpayers how the district is achieving progress, while also helping the district showcase its success in applying for and deploying competitive state innovation grants.

Big Spring retained Wendt Partners to assist the district with the implementation of key priorities enumerated in the district’s new strategic plan. Chief among these priorities was the enhancement of district communications. As a first step toward this end, the district asked Wendt Partners to develop and publish a district-wide educational newsletter, Bulldog News. The innovative Big Spring publication takes on major topics and emphasizes the district’s educational strategy, commitment to classroom technology, and pursuit of new teaching methods. “We wanted to raise the bar with our stakeholders,” says Fry. “Our newsletter is really a report on the progress of our leadership strategy, and as such, it directly communicates what I need to share as Superintendent with everyone in our community.”

The new publication was an instant success. As one parent noted, “In one reading, I understood the success of the academic program, as well as areas which need improvement. Most important is the overall sense that everyone is engaged…to move the school district further.” Bulldog News won awards for excellence from the Pennsylvania School Public Relations Association and the Pennsylvania School Boards Association. “Working with Wendt Partners means working with a firm whose team understands education,” adds Fry. “We don’t have to explain educational pedagogy, classroom technology or teaching strategies to the Wendt team. They have a firm grasp of educational communications, so they focus on helping us share our strategies in language that educates and enlightens the community. They always go the extra mile."




Strategic Consulting, Branding & Messaging, Integrated Communications

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Working with Wendt Partners means working with a firm whose team understands education. We don’t have to explain ourselves, because they’re experts—and they always go the extra mile.
Richard Fry, Superintendent, Big Spring School District

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