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What Target Canada's Failure Teaches CEOs about Business Growth Strategy
Discover the seven key lessons every CEO can learn about international expansion and business growth from the failure of Target Canada.

What Every CEO Needs to Know about Managing Millennials at Work
Learn five key strategies you can use to recruit and retain your future talent from the millennial generation, who will constitute 75% of the total workforce by 2025.

Does My Business Need a Chief Operating Officer (COO)?
Learn how to determine if your business would benefit from a COO position, and how to create and build an effective senior leadership team that can drive growth.

7 Signs Your Startup Is Not Ready for Angel Investors & What To Do About It
Learn what you need to know about the critical strategies and steps every startup CEO should make in order to ensure proper readiness for succesful angel investment.

Planning for Growth, Planning for Exit: The B2B Exit Strategy Handbook
How can a B2B business owner most effectively build a business that will capture a high valuation and be exit-ready in the future? This book provides key insights for future-focused CEOs.







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