CEO Profile Series

Enjoy these CEO Profile series articles on our blog. Each profile showcases a prominent business leader managing a growth-driven enterprise. In addition, all CEO Profile executives are Wendt Partners clients.

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Rudy Burwell - The Burwell Group

Learn how Rudy Burwell has built a dynamic and diversified company in the electronics and distribution sectors, by working with Wendt Partners.

CEO Profile with Rudy Burwell:
Leadership and Business Excellence

Sylvia Lagerquist - Haines & Lagerquist CPAs

Sylvia Lagerquist combined a passion for music with a masterful understanding of the accountant's profesion to create one of the leading CPA firms in the Washington, D.C. region.

CEO Profile with Sylvia Lagerquist:
Helping CEOs Understand the Numbers


Marc Berman - Vector Technical Resources

With a lifelong commitment to entrepreneurship, Marc Berman brings a unique perspective to the life of a business owner in this insightful interview.

CEO Profile with Marc Berman:
Strategy, Service and Success

Wanda Alexander - Horizon Consulting

Learn how Wanda Alexander brought together talent, technology and visionary leadership to build a business for the future.

CEO Profile with Wanda Alexander:
Improving Processes, Impacting Lives

Jim Marinucci - Via Medica International

Discover what it takes to create dynamic innovations in the global healthcare sector through this insightful discussion with Jim Marinucci of Via Medica.

CEO Profile with Jim Marinucci:
A Vision for the Future of Healthcare

Karen Young - HR Resolutions

Learn how Karen Young applied firsthand experiences and cutting-edge practices to build a state-of-the-art human resource solutions company.

CEO Profile with Karen Young:
Excellence in HR Leadership

Debbie King - DSK Solutions

Commitment to growth also means commitment to change. Debbie King discusses what it's like to build a cutting-edge technology firm for the future. 

CEO Profile with Debbie King:
Leadership in Association Analytics


Kathy Clark - Smarthinking, Inc.

As one of the most successful technology CEOs in the Mid-Atlantic, Kathy Clark shares her thoughts on what it takes to build companies that can scale.

CEO Profile with Kathy Clark:
Guiding Students to Learning Success Online

Craig Weisbaum - TalkingTree Creative

Learn how Craig Weisbaum synthesized a unique range of skills and experiences to successfully create an award-winning national event production company.

CEO Profile with Craig Weisbaum:
Crafting Experiences that Communicate

Angela Franco - Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber

Learn how Angela Franco, an award-winning international business executive, has led one of America's most dynamic business groups to success.

CEO Profile with Angela Franco:
Hispanic Business Leadership in Washington and the World

Ferdinand Akesse - Transitions from Africa

With a vision for changing lives and improving international transitions, Ferdinand Akesse shares his thoughts on creating a dynamic global enterprise.

CEO Profile with Ferdinand Akesse:
Guiding Global Executive Transitions

Caleb Parker -

Serial entrepreneur Caleb Parker shares his experiences and insights about the future of work and driving change in the global workspace industry.

CEO Profile with Caleb Parker:
The Future of Work and Workspaces






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