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As the CEO of a startup, you're responsible for a whole range of initiatives that require careful execution. Wendt Partners can help you during this critical phase because of our unique, integrated approach to the four fundamentals of business success: sales, marketing, strategy and leadership.

All Wendt Partners startup clients begin with a Business Growth Assessment, in which an expert consultant will guide you through planning and development of four core focus areas of the business (sales, marketing, strategy and leadership) at the startup level. We utilize and integrate a range of proven Startup Consulting Methods during this process. You can then proceed with one of our service packages, or with more in-depth focus area assessments. We can specifically assist you with:

Our approach integrates the best of current methodologies, including Lean Startup, Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Generation and Design Thinking. We can also provide you with a complete brand strategy, brand identity, core website and comprehensive marketing launch for the business. Learn more about our startup solutions and case stories, then get started today.

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