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Selected Clients: Technology

  • Dawood Engineering / Dawood Associates
  • Harrisburg Univ. of Science & Technology
  • Prematics, Inc.
  • Pennsylvania Biodiesel Producers Group
  • Smarthinking
  • STEM Center Initiative
  • Technology Councils of North America
  • TechQuest Technology Council

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The market-driven consulting model we employ for technology clients begins by identifying the real-world problems, challenges and needs faced by end-users in a client’s target markets. We then work backward toward the definition of messages that meet targeted needs, and craft our strategy to effectively communicate with those users. This allows us to help clients avoid scope-creep, feature proliferation and market confusion, and ensures clear positioning.

We also focus on building critical supporting relationships from early adopters, lighthouse accounts, key influencers, advisory boards, thought leaders and business/channel partners. This focus allows us to craft messages that resonate because they offer clear validation of new innovations.

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