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Integrated InboundTM from Wendt Partners supports a complete B2B business growth strategy. Leveraging the power of Hubspot, the only end-to-end platform for sales relationship management and marketing automation, Integrated Inbound fuels sales and marketing for growth-driven businesses.

The traditional focus of inbound marketing is on generating new sales leads online. This is accomplished through keyword-optimized website and blog content, supported by search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. Once new visitors come to your website, compelling offers are presented via landing pages and calls-to-action (CTAs) to convert them to leads. Then, leads are nurtured via email, social and online engagement to move them toward a new sale, ultimately turning yesterday's strangers into tomorrow's customers and promoters of your business.

The core assumption in this approach is that the best way to begin harnessing digital technology to grow a business is to generate new leads online. However, for most B2B companies the greatest initial opportunity to drive growth rests within your existing customer and contact relationships.

That's why Wendt Partners developed a holistic model that aligns the best of traditional inbound methodology with a more comprehensive view of a company's entire range of relationships. We call this approach Integrated Inbound.

Integrated Inbound Methodology

Using the Integrated Inbound approach, the centerpiece becomes the relationships your business already has with its best advocates: its promoters, evangelists, influencers and partners, followed by those with your entire customer community. Most businesses can double their annual sales just by more effectively engaging with these relationships.

In addition, leveraging these relationships provides the best content and data that you can use to develop buyer personas, create compelling offers and reach the right target audiences in the future. Once the core is established and being engaged, the Integrated Inbound model continues outward to connect with leads, then visitors, and ultimately with strangers within your company's defined target markets.

The Hubspot platform now supports the complete Integrated Inbound model through its built-in Hubspot CRM application, enabling growth-driven companies to build their sales and marketing strategy on a single, cloud-based technology platform.


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