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Working at Wendt Partners provides you with unique benefits not easily accessed in other organizations. Ours is a boutique consulting firm with a strong track record and outstanding client success stories, coupled with a distributed, flexible work model. You will work directly with the firm's principals or senior managers, one of whom will serve as your fellowship mentor. All are deeply experienced in a variety of essential fields, and can train, coach and mentor you as you develop a better understanding of business.

Our firm focuses primarily on business-to-business (B2B) growth consulting – working with the CEOs of privately-held companies with revenues from $2M to $20M per year (emerging growth) and those with $20M+ in annual revenues (middle-market).

These CEOs are proven business leaders who seek to achieve significant increases in revenue, market share and profit. Due to our specific and targeted focus, we work closely with business owners and C-level executives (CFO, COO, CMO, etc.), and we are asked to solve real-world problems in strategy, marketing, positioning, sales, mergers & acquisitions and transition/exit planning among others.

As a result, while we deliver sales, marketing, training and coaching services, we do so at the highest levels in client companies, and through deep engagement directly with executive leaders. This provides participating fellows with a front-row view into the real-world challenges and opportunities facing businesses as they seek to embrace the digital future across the enterprise.

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