What We Do

Wendt Partners is a B2B business growth consulting firm that works exclusively with CEOs to improve business performance in sales, marketing, strategy and leadership.

How We Do It

An in-depth review of our capabilities quickly demonstrates that we offer all of the services you'd normally associate with a sales training firm, a marketing agency, a strategy consultant or a leadership development company.

However, unlike these traditional providers, we require our clients to complete a structured planning process, beginning with a Business Growth Assessment, as the first step in every Wendt Partners engagement. The assessment phase ranges from 30 to 90 days depending on the size and complexity of the enterprise, and provides a comprehensive roadmap for all other decisions.

In short, we give CEOs the solid, proven process they need to stop making ad-hoc decisions or allowing individual agendas to undermine the company's strategic direction. It also ensures that clients get to know us - and we get to know them - well enough to understand the unique culture, personalities and issues at the core of their business.

Why We Do It

We recognize that most problems with business performance (i.e. increasing revenues, improving profitability, enhancing growth or preparing for exit) are due to one or more of the following causes:

Most new growth initiatives never achieve their intended results, simply because the business is not ready to execute them effectively. The only way to overcome that problem is to develop an actionable strategy, assess it against the realities of the marketplace, and then align sales, marketing, strategy and leadership so that the goals can actually be reached.

Why It Works

Our approach works because it ensures that we overcome the five biggest risk factors associated with business consulting, coaching or agency relationships:

Most companies have poor track records achieving strategic change, and often the process of bringing in an outside firm becomes part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. The Wendt Partners Business Growth Assessment builds time, research, orientation and engagement into the process so that the changes CEOs want to make actually happen.

Learn about our results and view our library of client case stories to learn more.

When We Do It

Wendt Partners solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of CEOs looking to improve sales, marketing, strategy or leadership results to achieve a defined growth objective. Some of these objectives include:

Each of these examples represents a significant period of planned transition in the business lifecyle, offering the right opportunity to improve the company's strategic direction and prepare for growth.

Who We Do It For

Our clients are business-to-business (B2B) technology and professional services companis who fall into three primary categories of business size, focus and market position:

To learn more about whether your business is a good fit for us and if we're a good fit for you, please visit Who We Serve.

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