Becoming a Strategic Partner

Are you interested in developing a strategic partnership with Wendt Partners? We welcome inquiries and would be happy to identify synergies that could create mutually beneficial business opportunities. Here is what you should know about becoming a potential partner with us.

We look for five primary qualities in our strategic partners:

Factors we will examine in considering your firm as a potential partner include:

In addition, strategic partners should come to the table with a clearly defined business development program, a well-established and differentiated brand position and a fully funded marketing budget with available resources ready to allocate to joint activities.

We generally pursue strategic partnerships in practice areas that are complementary to but not addressed by our core service offerings, or in technical disciplines that extend or expand upon what we provide. In addition, your firm's focus must be on selling directly to C-level decision makers.

To be considered as a potential strategic partner, please take the following steps:

We will review your summary and, if there is a mutual opportunity to pursue, we would be happy to prepare an exploratory letter and NDA to proceed in discussions. Thank you for your interest in partnering with us.

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