Our Difference

The Wendt Partners difference is a set of five critical advantages that are built into the core of our business. These commitments ensure that we help you achieve what you want for your business.

Focus on the CEO

We focus on the vision and priorities of you, the CEO. This allows us to keep the end in mind, whatever that is for you: from growth and expansion to increased valuation or a planned exit.

Integrated Approach

Our process and expertise encompasses all four areas in which we practice. This means you won't get one piece of advice for sales, a different strategy for marketing and yet another plan for leadership.

Custom Solutions

Everything we do for you will be custom-developed, specific to your business, and based upon fresh research and insights. We don't used canned content, because there are no canned businesses.

External Research

Paying someone to lead you through a series of internal meetings that confirm what you already know doesn't accomplish much. That's why we always validate your input with external research.

We Implement Innovation

Most consultants advise you on strategy, then point you to someone else to do the work. At Wendt Partners, we don't just strategize - we execute. That's why our clients see such powerful results.

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Our Difference


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